About Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

A new generation of data and information publishers specialising in critical minerals and metals that are driving a battery
powered, hi-tech revolution.

Specially engineered raw materials such as graphite, lithium, cobalt and vanadium are irreplaceable components in some
of the world’s most important technologies.

And in an increasingly connected world where information is readily available, misinformation and bad data are prevalent.

Benchmark’s goal is to become the world’s most trusted source of information in this space by offering:

  • Accurate market prices collected and set by us for the industry
  • Original, accurate supply and demand data
  • Impartial, independent, expert analysis
  • Forecasting of supply, demand and prices

Rather than simply reporting on what the industry is saying, we want to explain to the industry how we see developments
from our independent, global perspective.

Our in-house experts not only collect the data but also analyse and forecast for our global customer base.

Benchmark has advised some of the world’s most influential corporations. These include: leading producers of critical
minerals, end users such as electric vehicle manufacturers, large investment houses and some of the world’s leading

Dawn of a battery powered, hi-tech age

Graphite, lithium, cobalt and vanadium are the critical raw materials used in today’s battery

Benchmark collects first-hand data from the active players in these industries with a goal to setting market prices and
analysing, from the ground up, constantly changing supply and demand dynamics.

We build our knowledge through creating and maintaining long lasting relationships and by visiting the mines and plants
around the world.

Benchmark believes spending time on the ground at operations from China to Chile is central to our education and understanding.

Our analysts also track the end market drivers of demand for these critical minerals and metals such as lithium-ion batteries,
electric vehicles, stationary storage systems, and steel and aluminium production.

We also focus on new energy – wind and solar – applications that are increasing demand for batteries through the ability
to store and manage power from these intermittent sources.

Disruptive technologies – electric vehicles, tablets, smart phones – and emerging markets – China, Africa, South America,
India and South-East Asia – are also core to our coverage of these minerals that are fuelling a new battery powered,
hi-tech era.

Benchmark offers a suite of quality, original information products which, we believe, will be an indispensable tool in
aiding your business decisions. These are:

Benchmark Notes

Free, periodic email analysis direct from our industry experts.

Benchmark Membership

Annual membership to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. Benefits include: Quarterly magazine with features, interviews,
statistics and analysis on a wide range of critical minerals and metals, member only pod-casts and webinars, access
to presentation archive, and more.

Benchmark Data

Original price and production data hosted in our engineered online database together with monthly market analysis.
Coming Soon:

  • Graphite
  • Lithium

To Follow

  • Cobalt
  • Vanadium

Benchmark Forecasts

Annual report forecasting supply, demand and prices for our core critical minerals and metals.
Coming Soon:

  • Graphite

To Follow

  • Fluorspar
  • Lithium

Benchmark Projects

A wide range of industry projects that Benchmark will undertake as opportunities arise including: maps, special reports,
supplements, and downloadable graphics. Member only access.

Benchmark Connect

Annual conferences, field trips, educational seminars and webinars from Benchmark.
Connect with buyers, sellers
and investors, visit the mines, see the processing plants, meet the people behind Benchmark, and learn through first-hand